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Wholesale ethnic wear. Readymade kurtis. Nationwide shipping. Social media managed by Zunesha. Style speaks volumes!

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Kalaamay Designer faced the challenge of establishing a stronger online presence and enhancing engagement with its target audience through effective social media management.

With an increasingly competitive landscape in the fashion industry, the company recognized the need to stand out and effectively connect with potential customers on digital platforms.


Our primary goal was to devise and implement a comprehensive social media management strategy to elevate Kalaamay Designer's brand visibility and engagement.

We aimed to achieve this by significantly increasing brand awareness, driving qualified traffic to the company’s website, and ultimately boosting sales of its wholesale readymade kurtis and ethnic wear.

By focusing on strategic content creation, community building, and targeted advertising campaigns, our objective was to position Kalaamay Designer as a leading and trusted choice for fashionable apparel among its target audience.


Our efforts yielded remarkable outcomes. Paid reach and impressions soared to 12,400 and 19,437 respectively, expanding Kalaamay Designer's reach exponentially.

Moreover, the follower count surged by an impressive 15,200% in just one month, indicating substantial audience growth. Reach skyrocketed by an astonishing 4,000%, amplifying brand visibility and engagement. Additionally, profile visits surged by a remarkable 816.8%, indicating heightened interest in Kalaamay Designer’s offerings.

These outstanding results demonstrate the effectiveness of our social media management strategies in achieving Kalaamay Designer’s objectives and driving tangible business growth.

Tailored for comfort, the pure cotton fabric is a canvas of diverse elegance.

Tailored for comfort, the pure cotton fabric is a canvas of diverse elegance.

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